33,500 firms yet to file GST returns as deadline looms

About 33,500 companies have not filed their returns for the Goods and Services Tax although the deadline is on Monday, Customs Department GST Unit director Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy said.

He said the failure to file the returns would result in the MyGST computer system issuing an auto-generated assessment and bill of demand to be sent to the company.

“If the company fails to pay, the auditors will move in and legal action may be taken,” he said.

So far, only 41,975 companies out of the 75,505 have filed returns. The remaining companies can file their returns this weekend.

Subromaniam said bigger companies which filed monthly were punctual but a lot of smaller companies which made below RM5mil were dragging their feet.

Via : TheStar

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