GST Penalties

GST Penalties

GST penalty RM15000

Goods And Services (GST) Penalties may be imposed if the following offences are committed:

  • Any deficiency on the net tax payable.
  • No GST return is made.
  • A GST return is submitted without payment or a lesser payment;
  • Any refund paid to which there is no proper entitlement.
  • Failure to register.

Penalties – Incorrect Return

  • Fine not exceeding RM50,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or BOTH; and
  • Penalty equal to the GST undercharged

Penalties – General Offence

  • Fine not exceeding RM30,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or BOTH.

Penalties – Late Payment of GST

If any tax due and payable remains unpaid by a person after the last day on
which it becomes due and payable, a penalty will be imposed as follows:-

GST Penalty

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