How to check if a business is GST registered

How to check if a business is GST registered


If you need to check if a business is GST registered company, kindly follow the following easy method.

  1. Visit the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) at
  2. Click on the “Lookup GST Status” on the bottom right to start your search
  3. You can now check the GST-registration status of the company or the business by using either its Business Name, or its Business Registration Number, or its GST Number

If there search result shown that the shop/business is not registered under GST, by law they are not allow to charge GST 6%.



How To Make GST Report ?

If you want to make report on GST matters, kindly log on to

You can also contact via Pusat Panggilan Kastam di talian 03-78067200 atau emel ke ccc [at] Kindly visit out earlier post on how to make a report to other parties.

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